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The Beere Medical® name means many things to the OEM industry. For some, it represents a global leader in surgical instruments. For others, it stands for a product development and outsourcing partner with concept to market expertise. However, all can agree Beere Medical® signifies a trusted source for innovative, high-quality instrumentation.

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Beere Medical® brand surgical instruments are known for market-leading quality, innovation, and performance. Famous for their ergonomic design, our outstanding products allow medical professionals to concentrate on the procedure with instruments that feel like a natural extension of their own hand. More »

We are ready to handle your next project! Make the most of your new medical device with an ergonomically designed handle that is configured and manufactured to your specifications. Tecomet offers a large selection of handle platforms that are compatible with most surgical instruments. More »

High-Performance Rod Cutter is a cut above the rest. It reduces operating effort by more than 50%! This incredible rod cutter makes clean cuts of cobalt chromium and titanium rods. More »


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Ortho-Grip® silicone instrument handles are ergonomically designed and come in a variety of platforms and colors. How can we custom configure a handle for you? More »


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